Tribute To The Writer Of All Ages-Shakespeare

In paper, The Bard of Avon still survives.
He, for times to come and go, still arrives.
Now, even for ages that need to elapse,
Thou will be the elite sonneteer for eras to surpass.

The Playwright of all aeons that mortals can tell,
Thou potential of writing still prove to be a magic spell.
One perceives while reading Thou works, soon,
That writing was Thee’s God gifted boon.

I now understand that there’s so much ecstasy in that realm,
where love is shared in the form of art.
Unlike the odd and intermittent joys of the world;
That arrive with ignorance and a greedy start.

Writing about Love and Death,
Thee’s beautiful thinking seldom had a dearth.
Versatile Shakespeare, on His enthralling will,
The whole empire of poets mesmerizes still.

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