Here’s how the lockdown is being like for me

The last time I went out was on March 16.

About three months ago.

I had gone to college to give my semester exam. Literature had always intrigued me. Since it was my favorite subject, I was confident that I will do well.

Once I submitted my paper to the supervisor, I quickly packed my bag. In a jiffy, I hurried to catch the nearest cab to meet my acquaintance who stayed a bit far from the college.

Finally, I reached home by evening. With no time to revise for the next exam (which was the following day), I was juggling with a dozen books, notes, references, and my teacup.

While I was nose-deep into my political science books, I received a notification from my college mate.

“Bruh, hurray! Our exams have been postponed! Lockdown has been implemented. Not allowed to go out for the coming few days.”

Lockdown. Breaking news. My mother calling my dad and informing the news.

I was in cloud nine (or beyond that) when I got to know that I don’t have to study anymore. With a sigh of relief, I drank my tea quickly and pondered over the news.

The lockdown was announced suddenly. It all happened in a swift minute. Politicians, journalists, students, and common people were forcing their opinions on the screen. It felt like suddenly all the news channels were being operated by the same person.

I never exactly knew what a lockdown meant and its features. So when people started exclaiming that no one was allowed to go out, I was surprised. For an ambivert person like me, staying at home meant a talkative parrot being stuck to one’s shoulders. I either talk on the top of my voice or end up being reserved in my cage.

“But how can one stay within the four walls of the home for days? Seriously?”

And now, it is July.

Trust me when I say that I haven’t stepped out of my building compound.

Well, forget that. Trust me when I say that I hardly miss going out and meet people.

I don’t mean to completely overlook meeting people. To adjust to being at home all day was not an easy task for me. It couldn’t have been so for anyone. Not knowing how the vacant streets look like, how the trains and colleges would be empty like a graveyard. What seemed a gigantic change at first, started to become a part of life.

Therefore, I am fine with that. Till date.

That’s because I aimed to make use of this uninterrupted solitude to mold myself.

Here’s a question:
To ensure more storage space on our phone, we use a memory card, right?

But does that clear the clutter?

No. Not until we do. It only keeps storing apps and files.

The same is the case with our minds when we don’t get time to pause.

After years of moving, talking, and indulging in a thousand other activities, do you think a day, or say a week or even a month is enough to clear the clutter in your mind? Not really.

First, I enhanced myself to come out of the box I lived in. Think outside the box is a common phrase we hear every once in a while. But, how do you come out of it when you have been living inside it all the way along?

I understood that in these unprecedented times, the future of almost everything is a question mark. It will be so at least for a while. In that case, using the inhibiting time to alter our mind and body will be the best way to do something productive in the lockdown.

And how am I doing that?

By reading, journaling, writing, and doodling. May sound the usual things people say that they love to do. But for me, it has been a good experience altogether. To leave holding the clutch for some time and do what I feel like.

That’s not all. I started freelancing again after a long time! Switched to LinkedIn, wherein my consistency proved fruitful. Currently, I am working with three amazing clients who make sure to provide a conducive environment for me for learning and growing.

Overall, the solitude turned to yield better results. Or it is because I transformed it to be that way.

You don’t need to go to a storybook setting always to seek solitude. It’s all in our head. They say to make your head a better place. I believe it’s true.

The world is waiting to go back to normal. If your normal wasn’t a better place, then why wait to go back to it? Normal wasn’t normal at all. Aim for a much better place, not a higher one neither lower.

How’s lockdown treating you?

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