How to come up with ideas constantly?

Life is all about thoughts and ideas. What you think may not define who you are exactly. But, what you think has a hold on how your life gains its shape. Research shows that an average human being juggles between almost 50,000 thoughts per day! That’s way too high. Right from as simple as deciding what you should eat for breakfast to taking an important life-changing decision, the human mind is a storehouse of thoughts. Imagine how rich you would be if you could sell each of your thoughts to others! 

Coming up with great ideas doesn’t happen overnight. If we need one immediately, we often think hard, research on Google, and do somehow. But to make it a continuous habit, you have to look at what your mind consumes.

how often do you get unique ideas?

Generating ideas is related to the information we consume, and then it depends on the way you creatively express it. 

Creativity is more of a subjective and instinctive notion. There’s no one said way to boost it other than innumerable tips we can find on Google. On the other hand, the information and knowledge you consume are rather objective. As in, you get to choose what your mind should collect and what not. Thus, it is extremely important to be mindful of what you let your mind consume. The constructive content you feed yourself, the better will be your ideas.

Here are a few things to look at:

Choose your go-to source for ideas:

Once upon a time, books were the only resource of knowledge. But not anymore. Along with books, there are various other sources such as podcasts, blogs, newsletters, T.V shows, etc. Consider any of the options available and make yourself connected to it. 

rely on valuable sources of information for ideas

Share what you have read:

Develop an opinion and share it on LinkedIn, Twitter, as a review on Instagram or as a blog post. Polish the content according to the platform you will be posting it. Remember that discussing your thoughts with others leads to brainstorming, which in turn leads to a broad-minded perspective. 

Discuss your ideas with people you know:

Speak about your ideas or what you read with someone. It could be your mother, brother, father, and even friends. People we know help us by guiding better and offering constructive criticism. You encourage discussion as well as brush up your speaking skills. 

brainstorm and discuss with your peers

Let go of older patterns:

Mere thoughts are not enough to transform our lives. It’s ideas that boost our choices in life. Good ideas make us visible. Great ideas make us resilient and stronger. The only difference between a good idea and a great idea is the way its executed. There are no bad ideas but only poor execution! 

But how do you get creative ideas? By letting go of what is already there. Break the usual patterns, and you will tend to come up with better ideas.

Research on the downsides:

Take time to research on the opposite side of the idea. Not all ideas will be cheered and know that it’s okay. Ponder over the downsides of an idea and develop ways to overcome them.

Record your ideas instantly:

Jot down ideas when they come to your mind. Inculcate the practice of recording your thoughts, how much ever scattered they seem. Acknowledge them, good or bad, and note them in your phone or pocketbook. I recommend Google Keep. But there are various other applications such as EverNote, Notion, OneNote, Google Docs, etc. Also, having a mini notebook and a pen with you always is much handier!

note down your ideas as soon as you receive them

Be open to absorbing information wherever you are:

Different environments spark different ideas. People often suggest that they get excellent ideas while taking a shower. It is true. Research has shown that 72% of people get their best ideas in the shower. You should not train your mind to only work while at the desk. 

Ideas are not just for scientists and versatile thinkers. They are within reach of everyone. Just be open to learning 24*7 and you will become a powerhouse of ideas! 

What do you do to get fresh ideas?

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