Happiness explained in about 200 words


Happiness is a frame and state of mind. We think it’s external, something which is present in the world as an entity. This makes us feel that we should find it and own it.

But little do we know that “happiness” is subjective and not objective. It cannot be “found”, but created. This subjective notion may arise from other subjective aspects of life or even from material things.

Just like air, happiness is present all around us, but it takes a person to understand that it cannot be found, but can be felt. Hence, it is about “being happy” and less about “finding” happiness.

There are a few things that help us feel happy and block our mind from feeling it. These things are highly personally driven since what makes you happy may not spark joy in me and vice versa.

However, there are a few ways one can feel happiness, which applies to all. Now again, it is based on a person’s choices and beliefs. But, happiness is indeed within the reach of all. It is we who assume that it is far and unattainable.

Supplying your joy with others, being thankful, and practicing gratitude for what you have, and being resilient in life brings you closer to this subjective notion, that the world is in the quest to “find”.

What’s your idea of happiness?

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