7 ways to create work-life balance during lockdown

The lockdown was enforced to curb the growing cases. But it seems that it only delayed the rising cases. We don’t need stats and data to prove that there’s a subsequent, drastic surge in mental health issues. 

Therefore, don’t wait for the new normal to commence to finally break off from the destructive patterns. 

Because the new normal has already started.

work-life balance
work-life balance

Each day is new. New opportunities, new ways to identify your passion, better ways to improve yourselves, and newer ways to stop burnouts from taking a toll on you. More than ever, each day presents a set of new things for us to learn.

Better than waiting, start choosing constructive options to upscale your career. Don’t miss to check out your well-being in the process. 

Make sure to not let your too workaholic side become a part of this new normal. 

Stay afloat, but don’t drown. Here are seven ways to balance work and life.

Know your strengths and weaknesses:

Knowing your strengths and drawbacks helps you know your needs well. It is crucial to know where you stand in terms of health, career, finance, etc. If you are someone who has to upscale the career, then knowing your strengths will help you make proper decisions.

Similarly, weaknesses are not meant to make you timid. Being aware of your weaknesses will let you know the key areas to work on. By working on it, you can turn them into your core strengths.

Fix some time to focus on yourself:

Though most of us are at home currently, we still don’t “have” the time to reflect on ourselves. Thus, it is important to fix some “me time” every day. It helps to create a distinction between work and personal life. 

Even if it is just five minutes per day, make it count. One can have tea/coffee and read a book, practice mindfulness, create a craft, do activities related to hobbies, declutter belongings, etc. Most people make sure to go for a solitary walk every day. “Me time” helps to let go of draining thoughts and reminisce on life. 

"me time"
“me time” is crucial to reflect on yourself

Go on a workation!

What was once a buzzword is slowly becoming a lifestyle concept. Workation is a combination of two words: work and vacation. It is the modern form of a nomad, but a digital one.

The lockdown has pushed frequent travelers to forget traveling for a while. It has also made work-from-home the new culture. If you are someone who wants to travel but also keep working, then a workation is for you. 

Several countries are offering workation tour packages to help people come out of the rut as well as promote tourism. Colombia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Costa Rica are a few countries welcoming workaholic people. Who doesn’t love the idea of working on a laptop in a scenic and serene backdrop?

Understand that it’s okay to not be productive all the time:

You are doing well if you are being productive in this lockdown period.

meaningless productivity leads to bad work-life balance
don’t get into a productivity contest

But expecting others to be productive and busy is not right. Not everyone is in the mindset to keep doing things and making good use of this time. First of all, the minute we get up and refresh our news feed, something devastating and sorrowful pops up. It can be exhausting and heavy for others to think about doing productive at this time.

Be productive for yourself willingly, don’t force it.

Turn off the screens:

We are becoming passive social media users every day. This may help to create a good presence on social media. But in the long run, it may be detrimental. Constantly consuming content leads to overwhelming emotions. Needless to say, it affects our physical health too. 

Have a digital detox by turning off the switch(es) every once in a while. Remember that it should be always mind over matter.

digital detox aids work-life balance
digital detox

Plan your finances accurately:

Now more than ever is the time to know how you are spending and plan future expenses. Not to scare, but these uncertain times have brought in too much unpredictability in our lives.  Hence, plan your finances accurately. It helps you feel balanced. One can jot down the expenses in a book or use digital accounting tools for the same. Weekly or monthly, organize your cash to be assured.

Personalize your work desk:

You shouldn’t ideally cringe when you hit your work desk first thing in the morning. A messy work desk hampers your interest in work and productivity. It is suggested to frequently change your work environment and give it a personal touch.

having an organized work desk helps to create a balance in life and career
personalize your work desk

How are you balancing life and career?

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