Being grateful during the lockdown


We all are busy gathering medals and trophies to adorn our shelves. Not one, not two, but we go on wherever our desires and aspirations lead us.

But, how many times do we take a pause and look back at what we have gathered all the way?


The pandemic may have created havoc in our lives. 2020 may be the worst year for all of us. But, did we ever know such a grievous time would bring us together with our loved ones? Did we know we will use this time to upskill our career and create a valuable portfolio?

Well, leave that.

Did you ever think about those who currently don’t have an address?
Somewhere a child dies due to lack of food, somewhere someone succumbs to the virus. Worse still, no one comes ahead to give a proper funeral to the dead. A student attempts suicide due to the unavailability of an internet connection. Whereas, somewhere else a father sells his only cow, the source of income, to buy a new mobile phone for his daughter.

At this moment, you may be suffering. But, that doesn’t take away the innumerable things you already have. Good food, an unlimited internet connection, a desk to work on, a computer/laptop, family to share your stress and happiness with, and whatnot!

Every time you think you don’t have a thing, jot down the thing you are blessed with. In that way, you will never feel your life is empty. Resilience comes with gratitude, and gratitude comes with acceptance. Don’t minimize your suffering. But, don’t forget the hard work you did to acquire that one thing you currently have.

If you are reading this, know that the time is just right to appreciate things and people around you.

Turn your passing pleasures into evergreen happiness. It comes when it is best shared with others. During this lockdown, make sure you help anyone with whatever you can. It can be money, time, care, food, or love.

be grateful

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