That’s the thing about appreciation!

Let’s talk about appreciation, shall we?

It is human instinct to crave words of encouragement. So is the basic nature of man to judge, so is the desire to be appreciated by the society at large.

Ideally, everything we do is for appreciation, knowingly, or unknowingly. When our efforts and hard work don’t get validated, we get dejected.

When we speak of appreciation, critics have an incredible place. They cannot be left unnoticed.

Critics aren’t just those who share their unfavorable opinion about others and others’ notions. People who assess others’ ideas and doings constructively can also be called a critic.

It is important to have a critic in our lives. Why? Because these people are the ones who analyze our work and offer unbiased and straightforward opinions. They don’t shy away from pointing out errors and what could have been better just because they are our acquaintances. They offer their suggestions true from their hearts and minds.

heartfelt appreciation

Thus, the power of encouragement and appreciation is immense. Human beings never satiate themselves with what they have. In that case, appreciation often helps a person to extend himself/herself to grab tougher opportunities and excel in life.

I have received the most heartfelt appreciation from people who never exactly engaged with the work I had done. These were the people who speak and reply not more than one or two words.

But it’s also them who see what you do from a bird’s eye point of view.

For me, such people include the school principal, my father, and a close acquaintance.

It’s hard to fetch a word of encouragement from their mouth. But I never land up in something without sharing it with them.

We may think that the person had hardly bothered to look and know what we have made. But don’t we also crave to get appreciation from them the most?

At times, when we are encouraged by a person who usually appreciates us, we take it at face value, thank them, nothing more, nothing less.

But when someone we never expected appreciates and explains what we do, that’s when we come to know our real value. These people can be considered as our silent supporters in life.

That’s exactly how everything in life mostly works.

You think no one sees, but there are always some people who do. So never stop writing and creating content thinking no one is there to assess you.

Always believe that people do, if not all, at least a few!

That rhymed, haha.

So that’s the thing about appreciation! It goes a long way, doesn’t it?

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