No problem is mightier than you!

“An elephant cannot fail to find a strategy to carry its own tusks.”

– Samburu Proverb

At first glance, tusks look like giant structures that protrude beyond the mouth of an elephant.

We may often wonder how does such a huge mammal lives with such a burden.

But, what’s a burden for us, is surely not for the elephant!

The proverb speaks volumes. It means that no burden or problem is way too much beyond your capacity. The volume of the issue you face is just so little in front of what and how you can win over it.

The rule of all lives is primitively based on survival and finding solutions. Every day you, knowingly or unknowingly, solve problems, minor or complex.

It’s deeply ingrained in us to find and manage problems however burden-like they may seem.

How often did you think you cannot handle a problem but exceptionally dealt with it?

Motivation enough? This might be the right time to sit and ponder over managing your burden, but make sure, you don’t drop it forever!

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