Things every literature student will find relatable

While the science stream is given preference over every damned thing in this world, literature is chosen by those who have an affinity for words and books. It is often deemed as easy to score. But, neither do some know that a literature student has to deal with grammar, spellings, analysis, writing, research, communication skills,Continue reading “Things every literature student will find relatable”

Why does the quick fox jump over the lazy dog?

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” This is the most famous pangram in English. It contains all the 26 letters of the alphabet. You must have seen it while dealing with fonts. It helps a person see how each letter looks in a particular font. The sentence is in existence since theContinue reading “Why does the quick fox jump over the lazy dog?”

Tribute To The Writer Of All Ages-Shakespeare

In paper, The Bard of Avon still survives.He, for times to come and go, still arrives.Now, even for ages that need to elapse,Thou will be the elite sonneteer for eras to surpass. The Playwright of all aeons that mortals can tell,Thou potential of writing still prove to be a magic spell.One perceives while reading ThouContinue reading “Tribute To The Writer Of All Ages-Shakespeare”