Shakespeare’s ‘Shall I compare Thee to a Summer’s day’ as a poem of friendship

Though Shakespeare is known as the best playwright, he is also a versatile sonneteer. His sonnets address not only a woman but also a young man, known as the Fair Youth. His ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?’ is one of the prominent sonnets that talks about this Fair Youth, a mysterious male character. Literary critics and readers throughout the years tried to decipher who exactly Shakespeare referred to but in vain. Some critics take it as an account of the sonneteer’s homosexuality. However, Fair Youth is also considered as Shakespeare’s friend.

Tribute To The Writer Of All Ages-Shakespeare

In paper, The Bard of Avon still survives.He, for times to come and go, still arrives.Now, even for ages that need to elapse,Thou will be the elite sonneteer for eras to surpass. The Playwright of all aeons that mortals can tell,Thou potential of writing still prove to be a magic spell.One perceives while reading ThouContinue reading “Tribute To The Writer Of All Ages-Shakespeare”

The Gourmet Traveler

So one day, at last,the gourmet traveler embarked on his journey.He broke his fastand asked his Google Assistant for the best, nearby khau galli.And so, the top most search result asked him to go to Ghatkopar.Food made hot and super.Sandwich, dabeli and frankie,not to forget the bhel puri, topped with spicy, sweet and sour tamarindContinue reading “The Gourmet Traveler”


She lives her life in upper case,with proper punctuation.Her attitude is conjunctive;no if and no whether.Just one small but strong full-stop.New paragraph.Leave one line. She hates spelling errorsand finds grammar intimidating.She looks upon her existenceas a perfect sentence.Subject and predicate.For her, each day is infinitivewithout any inflection binding to it.