A Psychoanalytical Approach to the dream sequence in The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is an apt paradigm to apply the psychoanalytic theory. The old man’s dreams in the book are a projection of his innate desires which reflects the author’s life as well.

Can positivity be toxic?

Can positivity be toxic? Yes. As surprising as it may sound, the truth is that there is indeed a dark side to positivity. No, I am not a negative dimwit who is in frowns and shrieks all the time. By writing this post, I am trying to oppose the idea of always making your life lookContinue reading “Can positivity be toxic?”

Confirmation Bias: why we think the way we think

Confirmation bias refers to believing things in such a way that they sync with the thoughts you already believe in. It influences our thoughts and then, our actions directly. It may seem a common thing. Not until the same bias leads to wrong decisions and misinterpretation. One disregards the evidence and facts in order to hold on to the existing beliefs.

Too many decisions, so little time: the never-ending decision fatigue

Research states that a human being makes a jaw-dropping amount of 35,000 decisions every day! You may wonder how is that even possible. Decisions need not be only related to crucial life-changing situations. Decisions range from deciding what we will be eating for breakfast to whom we will be making our life partner.