Humans first, users next


Everyone who knows me calls me Halin and not @365tales.
(Thankfully) We haven’t come to that stage where everyone is identified by their usernames.

New trends in social media come every day. To increase your sales and traffic, you may use every customized digital feature available.

But your customers will still prefer to talk to a human being.

Your idea/product/concept may be the best one. Yet, if you don’t make it connect with people through stories, none will find a reason to buy/read/bother/listen.

No matter how many new channels and ways for communication arrive, nothing can beat human interaction.

can human interaction and technology go hand in hand?

That said, everything cannot and need not be digitized.

You see, digital trends will be incomplete without human touch and feel.

The digital age has opened up a heap of possibilities that never goes vacant any day. Every day, new ?technologies and concept storm the big web. To be honest, the digital age has shown that anything and everything is possible.

For brands, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is a part of technology stands in the central point of using it. For them, being digital is a must if they have to come out in the open and create a customer base.

But is this the same with customers, i.e. humans?


For us, technology is just a part of life. We rely on digital aspects to ease our living. The best example is to immediately gape at the screen when we have to choose from a variety of options.

Hence, if the gap between a customer and a product/idea is to be filled, then the personal touch has to be used. While AI may help reduce the workload and increase efficiency, your customer will ideally wish to interact with a human being from the other side.

I have faced this concerning Amazon. Whenever I have a query concerning my orders and refunds, an AI chatbot pops up on the screen. It shows me the last few orders I have done in the past few months. Asks me “Is this you need help with?” So cute, isn’t it?

But, will I be satisfied to converse with a lifeless chatbot? No. I somehow skip the chat for the sake of it and finally head to the “Call me” option.

And needless to say, sometimes, what pops up again is an automated voice telling me this number key stands for this and that for that. I have to press a number according to my convenience to get my problem solved.

artificial intelligence

Am I saying that I am completely against anything and everything digital? Not really. But, I am sad to see how most of the businesses usurp digital innovations as it is. They do try to streamline and make customers’ experience better but lose hold of the value of personalized communication and interaction.

Digital is endless and intriguing. But the brand and business that harnesses over human(e) interactions thrive in the world. We require enterprises that clearly understand that they have to feed a positive lifestyle to their customers with their products, and not a manipulating one.

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